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Watch: This is why DACA could be the 'catalyst' to build the wall

Dana Loesch

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) joined Dana Loesch today on “Dana” to shed light on why he thinks DACA could be the catalyst that forces Congress to act, finally passing a bill to secure the border, and even build the wall.

Jordan told CNN Wednesday that he hopes President Donald Trump’s decision to saddle the fate of DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, on Congress will “be a catalyst to do what the American people are demanding we do, both Republicans, Democrats, independents, everyone is demanding that we actually secure the southern border."

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo challenged Jordan on his suggestion that the majority of Americans support a border wall, the Congressman shot back, "What I do know, Chris, did President Trump campaign on a border security wall? I think he did, and last time I checked, he won the election."

“They had all this time to do something about it and they never did, right?" said Dana of the DACA policy. "President Trump said that he's stopping the immigration policy with a six month delay to allow Congress to come up with an alternative. I know it's really ghastly to stop executive overreach and allow the Constitution to actually prevail and Congress to do its job."

Watch the full story in this video from "Dana."

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