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Why is the GOP arguing about Congressional Budget Office numbers?

Dana Loesch

The bipartisan chorus continues to grow against the Republican Obamacare replacement bill. Conservatives in both chambers of Congress have voiced concerns about the bill, derisively referring to it as "Obamacare-lite." The political news got worse for the bill when the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the bill would result in millions of additional uninsured Americans.

On Dana Loesch's program Tuesday evening, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has said he would prefer a clean repeal to Obamacare first.

"What I do know is bill that's in front of us, that leadership has brought forward, isn't a full repeal, it isn't going to bring down premiums and doesn't unite the Republican party. It is not consistent with what we told the voters. ... There's a reason every single conservative group in the country is opposed to it. There's a reason that conservative people like you are opposed to it. Even conservatives who are for it, ... call it Obamacare-lite," Rep. Jordan says.

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