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Will Harvey’s impact on the oil industry increase tensions with Russia?

Glenn Beck

Tropical Storm Harvey continues to douse Texas with rain, and flooding from the storm has halted production at the biggest oil refinery in the country. If the U.S. isn’t purchasing oil because there’s no way to refine it, the price of oil could crash worldwide, affecting relations with Russia, Glenn Beck asserted on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Besides displacing tens of thousands of people whose homes were flooded, Harvey could have international ramifications if the price of oil drops and hurts the Russian economy.

“If that happens, that makes Vladimir Putin a caged animal,” Glenn said.

Author Brad Thor joined Thursday’s show to talk about how Tropical Storm Harvey could affect international tensions and what we need to watch for when it comes to Russia and Putin.

“[Oil] is where Putin does make a good amount of his money,” Thor agreed.

His larger concern is that Russia will take advantage of the coming fall and winter to strong-arm nearby countries by cutting off their fuel supplies.

“If Putin is going to try to expand, this fall, this winter, is when he’s going to do that,” Thor said.

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