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Will Trump swap Americans for Russian spies for 'questioning' by Putin? Bill Browder doubts it

Glenn Beck

During Monday's press conference between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, Putin floated the idea of swapping 12 Russian intelligence agents (who were indicted this week) for Bill Browder for "questioning." Anyone who is is familiar with Russia knows what it means to be "questioned" by Russian officials.  It typically doesn't end well for the person.

This very assertion is why Bill Browder -- whose lawyer and accountant was killed by the Kremlin for exposing $230 million in fraud involving Russian tax officials -- was not surprised that the Russian leader called him by name during Monday's conference.

Get me up to speed...

Browder, who was an investor turned human rights advocate,  lobbied Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act following the death of his accountant and lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. What the Magnitsky Act did was allow government officials globally to sanction the Russians involved in Magnitsky's death by denying them the ability to access the U.S. banking system and by freezing their foreign assets and prohibiting entry into any country that signs the act.

Why was Trump's response significant Putin's specific request for Browder? 

"What does that mean, Jason? For Bill do you suppose," asked Glenn. "It means the same thing as Magnitsky. You're basically delivering him up to be killed," replied Jason Butrill, Chief Researcher for "The Glenn Beck Radio Program."

"He [Bill Browder] has been called a 'threat' to Russian national security. Enemy number one to Vladimir Putin.

Catch Bill Browder discuss the significance of the Trump-Putin summit in the clip above. 

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