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Woman's emotional support pig gets booted from plane after causing mayhem on US Airways flight


A woman's emotional support pig got a little too rowdy for passengers on a flight from Connecticut to South Carolina. Rachel Boerner was traveling with her emotional companion when things spiraled out of control before the flight ever took off. Passengers said the unruly pig smelled and kept roaming through the cabin. It was so out of control that one passenger ended up tying it to an armrest, but that didn't work either. After many complaints about the commotion and the smell, the airline crew finally asked the woman and her pig to leave before takeoff, and everyone probably breathed a sigh of relief after that.

Pat wasn't buying the whole 'emotional support' thing and said, "The only way to make a pig emotionally support you is to turn it into bacon, and eat it."

Read the full scoop here.

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