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Wonder Woman' is out of the U.N. because she doesn't send 'the right message


On Tomi Lahren's "Final Thoughts", Aleppo is under evacuation as Syrians are posting good-bye videos and final messages as a reminder of what true oppression and victimhood looks like. Tomi mentions that maybe some outside force for example the United Nations should step in to aid them. However it turns out they too are busy with an oppression of a different sort.

"They've got better things to do, like petition the use of Wonder Woman as an honorary U.N. Ambassador, yeah this is real life, yeah not kidding," Tomi remarks in surprise. The petition which has over 45,000 signatures to remove Wonder Woman as U.N. Ambassador because, "feminist babies don't think a big-boobed white woman in an American flag bodysuit sends the 'right message.'"

Tomi declares modern day feminists to be, "the dumbest load of hypocritical crap ever masqueraded as an equality movement." It's an interesting movement "that picks and chooses which women are empowering and which are deplorable."

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