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Zuhdi Jasser fires back at Pamela Geller for calling him 'Grand Mufti of the Stealth Jihad


Right-wing provocateur and Breitbart writer Pamela Geller — who rose to mainstream prominence in 2015 when the "Draw Muhammad" contest she organized in Garland, Texas, was attacked by Islamist terrorists — published an article on her personal website Tuesday calling TheBlaze Radio host and Islam reform advocate, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the "Grand Mufti of the Stealth Jihad."

Geller apparently took offense at Jasser's recent podcast episode in which he coined the term "Alt-jihadists" to describe Geller and her colleagues, who contend that moderate Islam is impossible and the efforts of reformers like Jasser are doomed to failure. Jasser further accused Geller of emboldening extremist Muslim terrorists by depicting Americans as staunchly opposed to any and all forms of Islam.

In her article, Geller called Jasser "dishonest" and a "vicious saboteur" and reiterated her belief that Islamic reform is impossible.

Wednesday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Jasser called in to the show to respond to Geller's criticism:

I know they're anti-jihad, but how do the differ from the useful idiots on the left, who are apologists and say that Islam is one, is beautiful, there's nothing wrong with the misogyny in Saudi Arabia, Islam is peaceful? How does that monopoly on Islam being positive — how is their yang not the yin to saying that Islam is all one and the mafia in Islam is it, and Zuhdis are just aberrations? I mean they're actually doing the same thing by taking the oxygen out of what we're trying to do and reform. And when there's no hope for our work, we have to call it out.

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