A social conservative. A religious conservative. A compassionate conservative. Perhaps even a crunchy conservative. What unites all of these terms is the same thing that unites all of your views: faith. While everyone else is seeking a political messiah, you transcend party-line politics with your belief in sin and redemption and the power of love to overcome any wrong. Family & marriage are divine institutions and we’d be fools to discard the tried & true instruction manual. Protection and restoration of God-given rights is the purpose of government. The convenience of abortion and drugs and casual sex are fleeting, but the scars of selfishness last forever. Your reverence for Creation means stewardship of the natural world is common sense conservation.

You’re in good company at the soup kitchen with Phyllis Schlafly, Mike Pence, Ronald Reagan, James Dobson, Russell Moore, and Sam Brownback. Greeters at the door include Ben Carson, Bill Bennett, Billy & Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell. Working the line are Beverly LaHaye, Mitt Romney, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft, and Tony Perkins. Clarence Thomas, Rick Santorum, Eric Metaxas, and Mike Huckabee are handing out flyers for an upcoming Sunday service.

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