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UFC Champ on Antifa: ‘I don’t see a masculine individual in there AT ALL’

Andrew Wilkow

He believes drugs and lack of discipline have raised a generation of Antifa 'soy boys'

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In this episode of "Wilkow!", Andrew Wilkow sat down with Pat Miletich, former UFC champ and podcast host of The Conspiracy Farm, to explain why he believes psychotropic drugs and lack of discipline have resulted in a generation of Antifa "soy boys."

"When I started teaching martial arts to children many years ago, from age 5 on up, I noticed that a lot of the boys were on Ritalin and a lot of the other psychotropic drugs," explained Miletich. "I saw into the future that these kids were going to get to be 18 - 20 years old and no longer be on Mom and Dad's insurance, and their prescriptions weren't available to them -- that they'd been on their entire [life] while their brains have been developing ... then they'd basically have life come at them in full color and there would be a lot of meltdowns. I don't see how it's not connected, to be honest with you."

WIlkow observed that "the kind of kid that opens themselves to [Antifa] and says 'I'm going to join this masked group of people, I going to make myself anonymous, I'm going to beat people' is likely the product of a "world without consequences and personal responsibility."

"The war on boys has been going on for a long, long time," added Miletich. "And so when I look at an Antifa crowd, I don't see a masculine individual in there at all."

Catch the rest of the conversation in the video below:

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