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Viewer Discretion Advised: 'Beverly Wall' opens up about becoming a 'woman'

Chad Prather

Some things you'll wish you had never seen

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Viewer Discretion Advised: In Ep 28 of "Humor Me with Chad Prather," Chad introduced a new character named Beverly Wall, a man who woke up one day and decided that he wanted to be a transgender woman.

In this sketch, Women's March reporter Tad Paphaphapholous (Chad Prather) interviewed Beverly Wall (also Chad Prather) about what it was like to wake up and be a woman.

"You woke up one morning and decided that you wanted to be...?" Tad asked.

"Who does not want to wake up every day and feel like a woman," Beverly replied.

Beverly listed how being a woman differed from being a man in this hilarious sketch that poked fun at both feminism and transgenderism. There's some things you will see that you will wish you had never seen.

Watch the video below for more.

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