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Horowitz: It’s time for conservatives to treat Pfizer like Planned Parenthood
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Horowitz: It’s time for conservatives to treat Pfizer like Planned Parenthood

In late September, Tennessee state Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson returned a $1,000 check Pfizer PAC had donated for the 2020 election. He then proceeded to sponsor a sweeping bill that ended most vaccine and mask mandates, a bill that was ultimately signed by the governor. Good for him. Now it’s time for the thousands of other state and federally elected Republicans to do the same.

Being pro-life is not limited to concern for the unborn. Those already born are at least as important. With Pfizer leading the charge on COVID fascism – from censoring effective treatments to covering up problems with its deadly shots – it’s time to treat Pfizer the same way Republicans treat Planned Parenthood. The company and any of of its supporters must be persona non grata among anyone who believes in the cause of life.

Nobody blames Pfizer for attempting and failing to make a safe and effective shot. The problem is how the company doubled down on three and now four of these shots, lobbied that children and the naturally immune should get them, and fought to block any shred of liability in immoral contracts global governments signed. If we don’t want America to become Pfizer’s private rat lab, as we are seeing in Israel, we would be wise to cut all ties between Pfizer and the politicians who claim to represent the non-elite, non-globalist, America-first citizens.

A report by Public Citizen published last year found redacted Pfizer contracts with several governments – from Israel and South Africa to the U.S., U.K, Brazil, and Argentina – that revealed how much those countries signed away to this private global empire. These contracts exposed that Pfizer has the right to silence governments, controls the donation of its shots, decides delivery timelines, has removed the courts from all arbitration, and can go after all assets of the nation, including military installations in some countries. Does anyone really believe that any degree of failure and safety concerns would lead to the suspension of these shots – ever? This is the ultimate moral hazard, and we need untainted politicians to finally apply some modicum of check and balance to a company that uses taxpayer funds to create, market, and mandate its product on people’s bodies and then absolves itself from all liability.

For Pfizer to push these shots on children with no benefit, market them on pregnant women without studying it, obscure their own massive adverse event reporting, and continue to push endless boosters despite the lack of efficacy and growth of safety signals makes the company as anti-life as Planned Parenthood.

Pfizer is now experimenting on children and even babies for a virus that is less virulent for them than the flu and for a vaccine that has killed more people than all other vaccines combined. The Big Pharma ogre even announced last month that the trial failed to show positive results for 2- to 5-year-olds, so its answer is to now include “a third dose of 3 µg at least two months after the second dose of the two-dose series” to jack up the children even more. In its own press release, the company mentions its trial on babies as a “Phase 1/2/3 Trial in Children,” meaning that they are combining the phases together rather than working sequentially, as part of the transparent process through which all safely developed drugs have been approved in the past. Pfizer is out of control, and someone needs to put an end to this.

Nobody has ever held Pfizer accountable for its outcomes. Even for adults who are more vulnerable to COVID, there is only one study that matters, and it demonstrates that more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group. Pfizer’s six-month follow up was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and it reveals (p. 7 of pdf) that after six months, 20 people died in the Pfizer group and 14 in the placebo. Originally, it was 15 and 14 respectively, but in the follow-up months, it is noted that three more participants in the trial group died and two in the placebo group died after getting the shot. Pfizer unethically offered the shots to everyone in the placebo group, thereby erasing the long-term control group. However, the numbers speak for themselves. They can claim that there is no evidence they died from the shot all they want, but at the end of the day their own numbers show more all-cause mortality in the trial group.

After the shots have failed and have now gone negative, how can Pfizer be given a license to continue shoving endless shots upon our people every few months on all age groups? Even if there was some absolute benefit against COVID once upon a time, the company’s own data show it’s more than washed away by what is likely vaccine injury, and that was when it was working. Henceforth, the shots are all pain, no gain.

What are the long-term effects of endless shots? Autoimmune diseases that haven’t even been quantified in the short-term vaccine injury and death data. Ariel Munitz, one of Israel’s top immunologists, who has supported the vaccination program until now, warned that going down the path of more boosters could cause “original antigenic sin.” The central concern of Prof. Munitz is that “giving repeat boosters with an ‘out-of-date’ immune reagent may eventually help the virus evade the immune system.” (Tweet translated from Hebrew.)

Specifically, the way this works, according to Munitz, is that “the more antigen we inject, the more they will ‘choose’ B cells that are specific for the strain or antigen we are storing.” The results? “This will cause us to lose populations of B cells that are less specific to the same strain / antigen storage but may be very effective for a new strain of virus that may arrive.” He also gave voice to a concern that “repeated exposures to the same antigen will cause a shift (skewing) of T cells against the same contaminating factor,” which “may eventually lead to loss of memory T cells against other contaminants.” In other words, it can make people respond less efficiently to future pathogens, making them de facto immune-compromised.

How could any Republican who calls himself pro-life allow Pfizer to control our entire country and our bodies without any liability, independent audit, or check and balance? No such independent audit or dissent will ever take place until we cut the money between Pfizer and the politicians. It’s time for a mass campaign for every Republican to return the Pfizer PAC checks they were given and begin representing the people. Pfizer is a greater threat to the born and unborn than even Planned Parenthood.

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