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Horowitz: West Virginia lawmaker introduces most important constitutional amendment to prevent COVID fascism from ever happening again
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Horowitz: West Virginia lawmaker introduces most important constitutional amendment to prevent COVID fascism from ever happening again

One West Virginia lawmaker is actually committed to his state’s motto: “Mountaineers are always free.” His amendment should be in every state’s constitution, it should have been passed in 2021, and after everything we’ve suffered at the hands of the barbaric mask and vaccine mandate regime, it needs to be the guiding principle in law and medicine going forward. A constitutional amendment on bodily autonomy is the immunization we need against the deadly pathogen of public health authoritarianism.

At their core, the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki make it clear that no human being can foist a medical product upon or into the body of another without the subject’s consent. This applies even to established products and certainly experimental and dangerous products, such as mRNA shots and misusing masks. How is it that three years after this travesty, we have not emerged with a resolve to reestablish bodily autonomy as a sanctuary from any forced medical procedures and devices? That is the central rallying cry of the new book Steve Deace and I have published – “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again.”

Now West Virginia delegate Evan Worrell (R-Barboursville) has introduced one of our key agenda items, which will help immunize ourselves to biomedical tyranny now and for the future iterations already planned. H. J. Res. 25 is as simple as it is necessary. It would add a section in the West Virginia Bill of Rights in the state’s constitution stating the following:

The right of a person to refuse any medical procedure, medical treatment, device, vaccine, or prophylactic, shall not be questioned or interfered with in any manner. The right of a person to public accommodation and equal protection of the law shall not be denied or infringed upon because of the exercise of the rights contained in this section.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

A similar constitutional amendment will be introduced in Iowa by Sen. Kevin Alons and Rep. Jeff Shipley.

What all of us should have learned is that the government believes it can now do anything it wants to our bodies, can discriminate against us in the realm of the most vital public services, and do so without due process and without regard for even safety, much less respect for human autonomy. We cannot live free if this legal precedent remains on the books, especially as officials plan to make masking permanent in some settings and introduce numerous new dangerous mRNA shots upon our bodies.

Whether we like it or not, the federal courts erroneously believe that the eugenics-era Jacobson opinion is both controlling case law and also applicable to blessing any mask or vaccine mandate, especially those put forth by a state. Therefore, although it’s important to codify this right into statute, it’s also vital that we constitute it in a more permanent way and through a means that will allow the people to directly vote upon the most important question of the time. We must eradicate this notion that Person A can be forced to take an affirmative action to his body – either by injecting a gene therapy or placing a mask on his breathing holes – to accommodate Person B. This is even truer given that public health measures are exempt from all liability.

Legally, if governments can force you take an action against your body, there’s quite literally nothing government cannot do to you. Scientifically, there is nothing in nature that works so amazingly that A can force it upon B, but it only works if B wears it or injects it along with A. “Your mask protects me, but my mask doesn’t; your shot protects me, but mine doesn’t,” is as silly as it is immoral and inhumane. If you believe something works, there is no need to ever force it on someone else. You can avail yourself of that amazing public health measure.

This bill is an IQ test to determine not even whether your legislator is a conservative, but whether he believes in basic human rights and the Nuremberg Code. This principle was always true, but now that products that are ineffective and unsafe have been foisted upon us and we have suffered unimaginable discrimination as a result of these mandates – and there are more coming down the pipeline – anyone who doesn’t support this measure doesn’t deserve your support.

This proposal is very modest. It only precludes government mandates or discrimination in the realm of public accommodation. Other private-sector mandates would not be precluded. I believe they absolutely need to be addressed in statute, but did not advocate that they be placed in the state’s constitution.

In the case of West Virginia, this amendment, if passed, would be placed on the 2024 general election ballot. Other states can ratify this amendment even sooner. The freedom to breathe and move without government requiring injections or that we cover our breathing holes is the most basic expression of liberty. Yet it still has not been protected in most red states. After everything we suffered from – even as soldiers, health care workers, and those attending colleges still suffer from these mandates in red states – if this is not enough to warrant constitutional protections, then what is? I shudder to think what needs to come next in order to motivate these legislators, because, make no mistake, it will be coming.

Shockingly, we can’t even get a minimal exemption from mandates – even of the worst vaccines ever – in a state like South Dakota. Governor Kristi Noem was dead silent as the South Dakota House (with a 63-7 GOP majority) voted down HB 1235 by a vote of 30-39. The bill simply allowed philosophical exemptions from mandates. It was watered down to apply only to COVID shots and not to apply anywhere it interferes with federal mandates. And it still couldn’t get passed by the more “conservative” body of the South Dakota legislature three years into the exposure of the COVID lies and after 1.5 million adverse event reports to the CDC’s VAERS!

The worst assault on our life and liberty was done through stolen sovereignty of Republican representation. It was foisted upon us by unelected bureaucrats in federal and state health agencies. What better way to restore those rights than through the direct vote of the people on an unambiguous question related to the most foundational liberty of a human being?

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