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This week will tell us a lot about Joe Biden’s future
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This week will tell us a lot about Joe Biden’s future

Democrats prepare to face a hostile press for the first time since the debate (or ever).

There are currently five Democrat members of Congress calling for President Joe Biden to bow out of the 2024 race. If that leak is going to turn into a rush, we’ll know this week.

That’s because the gang is returning to Capitol Hill Monday evening, as the House of Representatives and the Senate come back from the Independence Day break. It will be the first time the first time the top Democrats, red-state Democrats, and back-benchers alike will be together under one roof since June’s disastrous debate.

Democrats are slowly coming to the realization that their only alternative is a woman who couldn’t win a single vote in the primaries just four years ago.

While the 24-hour chattering class has publicly staked its position — and “the Biden oligarchy” has staked its own — the rank-and-file elected class in Congress has largely managed to avoid a decision, simply by ignoring reporter emails and not picking up the phone. Even statements from congressmen speaking out against the president have been so politically garbled that it's difficult to tell what they’re saying.

Starting Tuesday morning, however, they'll be chased through the halls by eager reporters. For many, the experience will be both novel and jarring. Republican staffers have been delighting from the sidelines at their Democrat colleagues’ introduction to a hostile press.

The president’s planned weekend offensive failed to impress. A strong July 4 opener faded into soft, confused muttering as soon as he went off script. His closely watched Friday interview would have sufficed a month prior but fell far below the mark it would have needed to hit to calm party rebellion. While the campaign has loudly touted interviews the president did with black radio stations in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, an inquisitive CNN host exposed that the hosts had been forced to choose their questions from a list Team Biden sent them.

The White House now has more leaks than the Iraqi navy, and among the weekend’s gems was a report that Jill Biden “is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race.” It’s been illuminating to see how quickly the media dropped “doctor” from her name.

The truth is the 46th president of the United States would already have been forced to drop out were it not for the incredible weakness of his official successor. While Kamala Harris has dutifully projected an outward show of loyalty, her BET Awards performance was an apt reminder of why the White House has kept the first black, first female, and first Indian vice president from public view.

“Ya girl, I’m here in these streets,” she said in the cringe-inducing skit, before rattling off a list of political issues that appeal more to college faculty than to struggling voters. It’s easy to see why Democrats aren’t eager for Hillary Clinton 2.0, minus the political machine and the work ethic.

While it can be fun to nerd out over “speed-dating” primaries, Democrats are slowly coming to the realization that their only alternative is a woman who couldn’t win a single vote in the primaries just four years ago.

Time is short. Are Democrats willing to pull the rip cord and start over? We'll have a clearer idea what’s coming by midday Tuesday. Congress’ short vacation from Washington is over. Democrats’ four-year vacation from reality is ending soon after.

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