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8 times Ted Cruz wiped the floor with Bernie's socialist antics

Conservative Review

If you missed Wednesday night’s debate between Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on tax reform, you missed out on a walloping. Ted Cruz dragged Sanders through the fatal conceit of his own socialist ideology and pummeled him with facts, with logic, and with some pretty good jokes.

One standout moment of the night came when Sanders tried to use the Robin Hood analogy to explain why we need high taxes to take wealth from the rich and redistribute it to the poor. Cruz seized the Robin Hood story and turned it on its head to wonderful effect.

But that wasn’t the only fist-pump moment. Here are the greatest hits from a debate where Ted Cruz completely schooled the ancient socialist.

1. The opening statement.

Cruz predicts Bernie will use every Democrat talking point ever about “taxing the rich.” (He was right.)

2. Do corporate tax rates matter?

Cruz explains why Millennial college grads should want lower corporate taxes: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

3. Skewering the death tax.

“When you die, you see two people: the undertaker and the tax man. That’s not fair.”

4. Patiently clarifying “SALT deductions.”

Why eliminating the state and local tax deduction isn’t “punishing” middle-class moms in blue states.

5. Reagan v. Obama: The record.

How do you turn the debt around? Economic growth.

Here are the charts Cruz used:

6. Joke of the night.

What do you tell Bernie Sanders when he keeps interrupting you?

7. Bernie Sanders summarized.

Sanders, proving he’s a socialist: Yes, I want to raise your taxes.

8. The big admission.

But here’s the moment Cruz scored big against the entire Democratic party.

That was the most honest Bernie Sanders has ever been. There’s not a lick of difference between Sanders, an avowed socialist, and the Democratic Party on taxes. The Left wants your taxes to go up to fund their Big Government progressive utopia.

And Ted Cruz, debating on conservative premises, refusing to cede the argument at any point throughout the debate, got Sanders to make that admission on national television. Cue the RNC ads, right?

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