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Comey questions

Conservative Review

The public re-emergence of defrocked former FBI Director James Comey, not-so-coincidentally timed in advance of his book due out this week, prompts several questions. They all prove how mindlessly tribalistic our contemporary politics are and just how nauseatingly sanctimonious Comey is, to boot.

Here are just a few: 

  • If Comey has real evidence of Trump wrongdoing, as the fever-dreaming Left claims, why did he wait almost a year after his dismissal to come out and tell us? And why do we have to buy his book to learn them now? What kind of "man of integrity" makes you pay for the truth after waiting for it so darn long? Probably the same kind as "healer" Benny Hinn, who seemingly can only heal people in between taking offerings at massive rallies. All the while, he's got nothing for those poor kids in the ICU.
  • Why are many on the Left celebrating Comey, when he's as responsible for Hillary Clinton's loss as anybody other than Hillary herself?
  • Why are many on the Right criticizing Comey, when he's as responsible for Trump’s win as anybody other than Trump himself?
  • Comey admitted to George Stephanopolous that he knew the controversial Steele dossier, used as a primary source to obtain surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign, was funded by the Democrats. Yet he also disclosed that he chose not to share that information with President Trump. By his own admission, therefore, wasn't President Trump completely justified in firing Comey — a subordinate who confesses to concealing key information from his boss?
  • Prior to the 2016 election, it was reported that top aides to President Obama were urging him to fire Comey for injecting himself into the final days of the campaign. So why is the Obama media gushing over Comey now and writing stories saying the Democrats are "right to defend the FBI" they were trashing in the fall of 2016? What's changed?
  • Last May, CNN reported, "FBI issues 'supplement' to clarify Comey's incorrect congressional statement." The report opened: "The Federal Bureau of Investigations sent a letter aiming to clear up false statements said by [then] Director James Comey to Congress last week..." So why are we trusting the characterizations and rationalizations of such a man now?

Here's the truth. Only in a place as corrupt as Washington could people so shamelessly switch sides on such a poor excuse for a public servant as Comey, whenever it's convenient for their narrative(s). Which usually crumble under even tertiary scrutiny.

And only in Washington could such a duplicitous figure as Comey not be immediately laughed off the stage as self-parody. For if there is anything Comey has in common with much of our body politic, it's a grating and systemic lack of self-awareness.

However, Comey has been good for the truth — though certainly not in a way he intended. For such a man rising to such a place of prominence within our law enforcement proves beyond a reasonable doubt how lawless the system is.

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