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Crowder's latest 'Change my Mind' features shocking story of legal immigrant fearful of illegal immigrant crime

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In the latest video in CRTV host Steven Crowder's popular "Change My Mind" series, Crowder takes on border security, asking people to sit down for a conversation and change his mind about immigration reform and building a border wall.

"We didn't get many sit-down interviews in this one; we got a lot of drive-by yellings," he says, including one person telling him to "build the wall with your a**."

But one individual who sat down with Crowder had an amazing story to tell. She says she is a Mexican-American immigrant, and while she told him she doesn't support the wall, she did explain her fear of illegal immigrants committing crimes in her neighborhood. Her face was blurred for her safety.

"I know a lot of people that are, like, um, are criminals!" she said, adding that they haven't been deported. She even asked Crowder how she can report these people to the authorities.

Crowder spoke with her further off-camera. "It breaks your heart, it really does," he says. "Keep in mind, this lady was a legal immigrant subdued into fear by illegal immigrants in her neighborhood."

Crowder says her story shows how the liberal narrative on sanctuary cities can hurt people.

"The fake victim culture creates real victims, usually the ones following the rules," Crowder says.

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