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Dan Bongino: The Deep State is determined to have Trump’s scalp

Conservative Review

The weekly Friday news dump came in the form of (seemingly) coordinated attacks on the Trump administration by the Washington Post and The New York Times.

The first reports that the Russia probe has reached a current White House official, and the other suggests Trump admitted to Russian officials that he fired former FBI director Comey to ease pressure from the investigation.

CR contributing editor Dan Bongino, filling in on Mark Levin’s radio show, set out to debunk the “witch hunt” on Trump asking, again, “what’s the crime?!” To date, there remains no evidence of Trump or members of his team having committed an actual crime. Yet the leaking continues and the media remain vociferous.

"They want a scalp and believe me when I tell you the Deep State is going to get one,” Bongino continued, suggesting the Deep State will not stop until they have done damage to the Trump administration.

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