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DC expanding absurd criminal leniency to murderers under 25. Republicans still on board for criminal justice 'reform'

Conservative Review

What happens when Republicans stop being the party of law and order and instead help the Left promote the false narrative that America locks up too many criminals for too long? Well, there is then no check or balance on the behavior of the Left. Free from any fear that Republicans will ever run “soft on crime” ads against them, they are now pushing the most extreme pro-criminal laws throughout the country. Meanwhile, much as he does with amnesty legislation, Jared Kushner is trying to convince Republican donors that felons released from prison will actually vote Republican!

Far from pushing “reforms” for “non-violent, first-time, low-level” offenders – the typical canard used to propagate jailbreak legislation – the D.C. City Council is now considering a bill to let out even the worst murderers, rapists, and child sex offenders potentially after just 15 years in prison. Even the Washington Post sounded the alarm in a Sunday editorial, noting that given the lack of exceptions in the bill, “if the gunmen who massacred innocent people in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, this month had instead committed their crimes in the District — and had both survived — one would be eligible for release or reduced sentence at age 36, at a judge's discretion; the other at age 39.”

“Residents of the District of Columbia deserve protection from the most violent criminals and to be confident those offenders receive prison sentences commensurate with the gravity of their crimes,” said the notoriously leftist paper.

D.C., like several other states, has recently enacted legislation allowing those convicted of murder as juveniles to obtain early release after 15 years, even when the judge sentences them to life without parole. Now, proponents want to expand the aggressive push for leniencies for juvenile offenders to those as old as 25. I guess they feel if you are still young enough to be on your parents’ medical insurance, you must still not be fully at fault for murder. This is yet another trend in the runaway “criminal justice reform” leniency train that is expanding its reach to the most violent criminals.

Yet I can’t find a single Republican speaking out against this or similar measures throughout the country.

Republicans could single-handedly realign American politics and win back suburban voters if they were to counter the Left’s gun control agenda with a criminal control agenda. They could force Democrats to answer tough questions on their radical views against incarcerations that don’t sell outside the halls of academia. In San Francisco, after passing a slew of pro-criminal laws, they are now changing the language to sanitize criminals with their verbiage. “Convicted felon” is now a “justice-involved person.” Rather than fighting crime, they want Americans to begin acquiescing to criminals.

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