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Dear GOP strategists: Trump isn’t your problem

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The Republicans should fear the elections this year because Trump is so volatile and polarizing. That is the typical Democrat strategist’s take on 2018.

It’s also the typical Republican strategist’s take, as quoted in numerous opinion pieces that offer their deepest thoughts while insisting they remain anonymous.

The angst felt by GOP “strategists” and “operatives” is based on a narrative developed this week after the State of the Union address. It goes like this: Teleprompter Trump is better than Twitter Trump, and if he doesn’t stick to the teleprompter, the Republicans will lose.

These operatives are stupid, and they are insulting us.

Let me ask you: Was the takeaway from the State of the Union address, in your mind, the way it was delivered — or its substance?

This is an important question, because CBS came out with a poll after the address that said that 75 percent of the American people approved of Trump’s first State of the Union address. That is a very high number when taken with the daily dose of negative media spin we all try to avoid. It means, on the one hand, that when Trump communicates directly with the American people, they respond favorably. But the message delivered was extremely important also: one of honest love of the American people, their abilities, their families, and their hopes and dreams.

But Teleprompter Trump is better than Twitter Trump?

No offense meant to the president, but it wasn’t the best reading of the teleprompter. The delivery was not without error; in fact, it was clear he was out of his element. But Americans forgive these flaws faster than beltway opinion-makers do. In fact, many would not even see the delivery flaws because the message was so perfect.

The American people saw a president who spoke to them and held up a mirror before all the times we have succeeded and done well. America needed a cheerleader, and we got one.

The consistent complaint from the beltway is that Twitter Trump is hurting the GOP brand and that he causes too many unneeded problems. Again, for most Americans, it’s not the way it’s delivered, it’s the message.

One opinion said that GOP strategists need Twitter Trump to go away this year and be replaced by Teleprompter Trump so that Republicans seeking re-election in swing districts can appeal to white, suburban, upscale, and well-educated women. Say what?

No offense to the empowered pussyhat-wearing Democrats in your swing district, Mr. Nominal Republican, but you might have to speak to (Oh my God!) the hardworking American. No matter what race or sex they belong to.

If certain Republicans in swing districts lose to their Democrat opponents, it’s their own damn fault. If you can’t win on a pro-America ticket in America, that’s your problem.

What got us Obama and those wretched eight years were Republicans trying to out-Democrat the Democrats in spending, in useless programs, and in debt. To top it off, we had nobody willing to fight the Democrats in their effort to derail the Bush presidency with the lying mantra “Bush lied, people died.” We blamed Rove and the Bushies for tarnishing the good name Reagan gave to the Republicans, but they persisted in taking the party into mush-mouthed avoidance of conflict, with appeasement after appeasement given, while perfecting the art of “compromise” by becoming doormats to the opposition.

Every program or new spending idea put forth by the Bushies became a new door for Obama and the Democrats to kick down and corrupt. Any time a conservative suggested slashing government, the Bushies laughed and said, “Reagan is dead.”

The GOP strategists in those opinion pieces are so ignorant that they cannot see the true lesson of the State of the Union address. The true lesson was that the American people can unite around the idea of America, and the Democrats cannot.

Whether President Trump uses a teleprompter or Twitter, or stands on his head or golfs with a hockey stick, it won’t matter to most Americans. What matters most is putting America back on track.

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