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Freeze spending & make the Democrats choke on it

Conservative Review

As we watch the news cycles — those of us who are paying attention — we have to remember that we are not spectators in some theater. America is hurting from an attack from within, and we can’t lose sight of the fact that it is still happening, regardless of what the president is doing.

We are citizens of a nation whose federal government has gone too far. It’s important that the president realize this too, and in his first year, President Trump has done a ton of work to try to roll back what has most recently been done to us by the Obama administration.

But it’s not only recently that we have gone too far. Sure, the Obama administration and the Marxist bent of the Democrat Party have broken the dam, but that dam was leaky and vulnerable for decades as a result of weak, extravagant politicians looking out for themselves and not the people, as well as hardline communists feeding off our successes.

We are citizens of a nation whose federal government was never intended to go this far. We have one party that doesn’t believe it’s gone far enough and most of the members of another party thinking it can go a little farther, under the delusion that it won’t hurt anything as long as they are in charge.

We have a very small number of “idea people” — people who know that the way out of this attack is through conservative policy. These people are not in charge and are led by a very small-minded, double-dealing leadership whose only thought is re-election and retention of power.

The American people deserve better than a big-D destruction party and a little-d destruction party. But there are certain factors that hobble the positive effectiveness of a new party, the greatest of which are the lack of education in the history and philosophy of the American republic, simple human nature, and math.

So though many conservatives have dropped out of promoting the Republican Party due to its naked assaults on its base, we still must foster change within it, or rather, among its outcomes.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done. For all its false starts, the great awakening of the tea party spirit did many things. The election of Donald Trump was a direct result, and though his election factionalized the tea party more strongly, the man would not have been elected if conservatives had stayed home. Many conservatives will thank him for years to come for doing many of the things he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to do in Washington, D.C.

But the nagging question is still about what the tea party spirit strove against during the Obama years: endless spending, endless debt, waste, and the abandonment of all our shared virtues that appears to be lowering the casket of America into the frozen earth of history.

The Democratic Party knows this, and still it wants more.

On the one hand, people can make the argument that increased capitalism with slashed red tape and lower taxation ought to make the economy boom. But the party of Obama and Clinton wasted so much money that this year, leading up to elections, there ought to be a spending freeze while we point out that they spent us into the ground, fostered a lack of justice, and disturbed the peace in this great nation. We should be holding all of that against the Democrats instead of hoping they’ll help out on an infrastructure bill.

If the Trump administration wants big Republican gains in Congress, it ought to take it to the Democrats, not search for unity with them, because the Democrats are enemies to the nation as founded. Unity with them will not make America great. Cutting them off and forcing them to stand in shame for what they have wrought upon America is a better plan, even if no major bills become law all year.

Because the media is full of activists for socialism, they report on how the Republican Party is in shambles. They work to turn factions of Republican Party against one another and know the party so well, they probably know it better than their own party. But the Democrat Party is a true Charlie Foxtrot right now, as the loss of the 2016 elections exposed.

Their party leadership is in serious trouble. They have militant, violent brownshirts leading their GOTV efforts. They want Obama’s hope of a Utopian world back.

Obama and Clinton are held suspect by the American people for squandering a nation’s freedom hard-won with American blood. The entire nation needs to be shown just what kind of destruction the Democrat Party has come to dole out.

We need the president to draw a crisp and clear line about one thing, and the Republican leaders of Congress need to follow suit. We are for America’s success, and we must stamp out the brushfires of Marxism and destruction across this great nation. There is no unity or peace until a war is fought and won.

The American people need Donald Trump to lead the nation away from the destructive forces of both parties and point us toward the truth.

Let the economy roll, let us go to work, and in the meantime, remember that we are Americans.

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