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Hollywood's brazen Georgia heartbeat bill hypocrisy is nothing we haven't seen before

Conservative Review

Georgia's new heartbeat abortion law is getting some pushback from Hollywood production studios, and it's doing more to put Hollywood hypocrisy on national display than it is to offer Georgia a reason to roll back protections for the unborn.

AFP reports that the list is growing of production studios threatening to suspend their operations in the state of Georgia over the state's latest pro-life law, which outlaws abortion after a child's heartbeat is detected.

This kind of big-business pressure over a state law hated by the political Left is the same thing that actually convinced Georgia's last Republican governor to cave on a major religious liberty bill a couple of years ago.

Current Republican Governor Brian Kemp, however, is so far showing no signs of kowtowing and even anticipated this sort of pushback.

"We value and protect innocent life," Kemp said of the bill earlier this month, "even though that makes C-list celebrities squawk."

Some of the companies threatening Georgia, however, aren't being that consistent in what kinds of things they don't stand for. Netflix is willing to threaten to pull production out of the state over the pro-life law signed earlier this month, but it's ramping up production in the Middle Eastern countries of Egypt and Jordan, where abortion is outright illegal. Meanwhile, Disney is mulling pulling out of Georgia even though it generates a lot of profit from doing business in China, which currently has 1-2 million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps. Not to mention, Disney had no problem with "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" being filmed in countries where abortion was outright illegal.

But those who live in the realm of reality that exists outside the entertainment industry are used to this sort of hypocrisy. Americans are used to getting lectures on global warming and carbon emissions from people who just hopped off private jets, just like we've gotten used to getting gun control lectures from people who pay their bills by making and starring in violent action flicks.

This latest wave of Tinseltown's virtue-signaling public pressure is no different, and it should be taken just about as seriously, especially by those who know the real importance of defending unborn life.

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