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It's not just Chip & Joanna Gaines hit by cultural inquisition

Conservative Review

Chip and Joanna Gaines have become the latest victims of a never-ending cultural inquisition because of their pastor’s statements about natural marriage. However, while they join a list of high profile victims of this type of inquisition, its reaches are far deeper and threaten far more professions than just HGTV stars.

It all began Tuesday morning with a story at Buzzfeed that delved into the religious beliefs of the Fixer Upper host couple’s pastor. According to a tweetstorm on editor-in-chief Ben Smith’s timeline after the piece’s publication, the focus of the story is really supposed to be about whether or not the couple would feature a gay couple on the show, which they have not done to date. However, the piece only devotes about three paragraphs to the angle, while spending the rest of the time discussing the fact that a Christian pastor, with whom Christian people worship, believes Christian things about marriage and sexuality. Shocking!

If it reads like a hit piece and breaks down like a hit piece, it might just be a hit piece. Just a thought.

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