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Levin: The American Left's love of Communism is nothing new and the media helps prop it up

Conservative Review

Monday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed how communist sympathies and tactics within the ranks the American Left are nothing new and how the modern mass media runs cover for them today.

During the opening segment of his radio program, Levin read from a piece over at City Journal Magazine in which Harry Stein outlines how the American Left is returning to a level of sympathy and support for outright communism reminiscent of the "red decade" of the 1930s.

Levin said that Stein's article "really cuts across so much of what's going on in this country."

During the piece, Stein discusses how journalist Eugene Lyons in his 1941 book, "The Red Decade," chronicled the phenomenon of how those with Communist sympathies exercised a considerable amount of influence over Hollywood and the press and especially appealed to "the idealistic, emotion-driven young" who Lyons described as the "perfect raw stuff for demagogic molding."

That importance of appealing to youth is still a factor on the Left today, the host explained.

"And now you know why Bernie Sanders is focused on wiping out college debt and college for all," Levin said. "This is what the Left does, the Marxist Left."

Lyons also noted a tendency among the political Left then to "liquidate careers and disappear reputations" for those who dissented from its beliefs, in a fashion eerily similar to the American Left of the 21st century.

In a later segment of the program, Levin would point out that none of this widespread support for Marxist ideologies and tactics in the United States would have been possible then or possible now without ideological backup from the American media:

"That is, they're not about freedom; they're not about speech; they're not about a healthy press," Levin said. "They're the mouthpiece for progressivism, just as the New York Times was the mouthpiece for Stalin."


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