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Levin calls out Joe Biden's weird 'tough guy' routine with Iowa voter

Conservative Review

Thursday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin criticized former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for hostile comments he made to an Iowa citizen who confronted him about his son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine.

Biden called an Iowa voter a "damn liar" over his assertions, then bizarrely challenged the man to physical contests, saying "let's do push-ups together here, man. Let's run." A Biden adviser later tried to claim that Biden wasn't commenting on the man's weight with a questionable explanation.

"What does that have to do with what the man said? Let's do push-ups? ... Mr. Tough Guy," Levin remarked. "He's not a tough guy. He didn't grow up in a tough neighborhood. He wasn't known as some kind of street guy. He knows nothing's going to happen. He has Secret Service protection. [If] the guy said 'OK, A-hole, I'll see you out the back, let's do it,' it would never happen."


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