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Levin on CNN climate town hall: 'These people want to push us to the pre-industrial age'

Levin on CNN climate town hall: 'These people want to push us to the pre-industrial age'

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin reminded listeners what the real takeaway was from CNN's seven-hour town hall on climate change Wednesday night. The marathon broadcast consisted of 10 back-to-back interviews with Democratic presidential candidates on the subject of the current "climate crisis."

"It really wasn't about climate change, was it?" Levin said. "It was about taking this country and driving us back to the Stone Age. ... Fossil fuels? We should eliminate fossil fuels? Fossil fuel is what drove the Industrial Revolution. Fossil fuel is what created assembly lines and a massive middle class and blue-collar workforce. And steel and aluminum, copper, nickel. And electricity, and lights at night, and automobiles and trucks. Refrigeration, heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, and on and on and on. These people want to push us to the pre-industrial age. That's what they're arguing for. They're throwbacks."

"You need to understand this, that it's not about climate," Levin continued. "They don't know anything about climate. Not a single person on that stage, whether a host, whether a so-called journalist, whether a so-called anchorman, whether a so-called politician, knew anything about the topic. And there it was, in bold letters on the monitor throughout the program: 'The Climate Crisis,' said CNN. And who, may I ask, at CNN is an expert on climate? Nobody. This was a sham; this was a scam; this was a spectacle. And this is what you have to look forward to, should the Democrats take the White House and the rest of the government. De-industrialization. De-growth. Economic contraction. Unemployment lines. Food lines. Gasoline lines. This is what they're good at; this is what they know."


Levin read from a list compiled by John Brigg, a now-retired professor from the University of Southampton in Britain, of all the alarmist claims made by newspapers about the effects of man-made climate change.

"Have you had enough of this? This is widespread, systemic propaganda, intended to destroy the core fundamentals of this great, grand country," Levin said.

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