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Levin on Congress' Trump tweet vote: 'Notice they won't vote on securing the border'

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Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin criticized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for her attempt to condemn President Donald Trump's tweets as racist from the House floor.

"She's been in the House of Representatives for over 30 years," Levin said. "She's been speaker twice. She was the majority leader, the minority leader. She doesn't know that on the floor of the House, you can't accuse someone of being a racist? But I guess all the rules are out the window when you attack the president of the United States, right? You can do it on TV, on any news network, in any newsroom, so why not do it on the floor of the House?"

Levin pointed out that while the House was put on hold for nearly two hours while the legislative council debated whether or not to condemn Pelosi's comments as unparliamentary, it is much less urgent in handling issues of actual consequence.

"Notice they won't vote on securing the border," Levin said. "They won't vote for physical barriers on the border. But this is what they spend their time doing. ... 'The comments are racist.' Too bad she wasn't as aggressive in talking about Omar, with her outrageous anti-Semitic comments. The president did not make any racist comments. He didn't refer to race once. ... This is the party for infanticide. This is the party that's created the chaos on the border. This is the party that tolerates and in fact celebrates these anti-Semites."


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