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Levin exposes anti-Trump ‘leftists dressed up as journalists’

Conservative Review

Mark Levin started his show Tuesday warning about the escalating leftist campaign against historical American figures.

Levin referenced an earlier prediction of his that leftists wouldn’t be satisfied with merely taking down Confederate monuments. They will also go after the Founding Fathers, he said, proceeding to play a clip from earlier in the day in which President Trump makes the same argument.

The CR editor-in-chief noted the extreme hostility that the the press has for the president.

“Are the reporters going to listen to what the president says?” he asked. “Why are they in a debate with the president? Why are they shouting over him?”

“Did they ever do this when Obama sold out the country to the Islamo-regime in Iran?” he said. “Did they ever do this when he sold out the country to the communist regime in Cuba?”

“Did they ever shout down Barack Obama? No,” Levin reminded his audience. “This is about the president and the American people, not about these media phony figures – leftists dressed up as journalists.”

He passed along some words of advice to the media, asking for a modicum of transparency.

“If you don’t agree with [Trump], then say: ‘I’m a liberal Democrat pretending to be a reporter, and I disagree.’”


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