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Levin: Hey, 'Fake Tapper'! Here's evidence of voter fraud in Florida

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Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin answered CNN anchor Jake Tapper's demands for evidence of voter fraud.

"So the intrepid Jake Tapper, aka Fake Tapper, sits on his butt at the CNN headquarters in Washington D.C., demanding that Republicans bring him evidence of fraud," Levin said. "OK, Fake, I'm going to give you some information."

Levin read from a Politico report detailing how the Florida Department of State has asked federal prosecutors to investigate altered election documents tied to the Florida Democratic Party. Audio of a Florida Democratic Party caller leaving a voicemail message asking a Palm Beach County voter to illegally fix their vote by mail ballot after Election Day was also reported by Politico.


"Now why wasn't this story broken on CNN? Because CNN's not investigating," Levin said.

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