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Levin: Hollywood ‘frauds’ silent on Weinstein for years

Conservative Review

In the second hour of his radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal and the liberal Hollywood elites who have, until now, been silent on it.

“Harvey Weinstein, I believe, is the tip of the iceberg,” Levin said. If it’s true that Weinstein’s behavior has gone on for years and was an open secret, why did no one come forward with what they knew?

Because, Levin said, “Hollywood is filled with cowards, with frauds, with fakes who pretend to stand for women’s rights, for human rights, and all the rest.”


The Weinstein controversy raises several questions, according to Levin.

“Is Hollywood a criminal enterprise? Are there more men like Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood? Are there women like Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood?”

Only the people in Hollywood can tell us. Will any of these frauds and cowards come forward?

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