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Levin: 'We have mass murderers and terrorists who get more process' than Donald Trump has on impeachment

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why it matters what kind of process is used in Congress' impeachment efforts, and Democrats' abuses of that process shouldn't be ignored.

"The media say, 'Well, it's just Trump trying to draw attention away from the substance of the issues to the process,'" Levin began. "Ladies and gentlemen, this process is about you and your right to have information, your right to know about witnesses and your right to know about so-called whistleblowers, and for you to draw conclusions about the knowledge they have or they claim they have, about their credibility or lack thereof. Right now we're being spun; we're being spun by their lawyers; we're being spun by Capitol Hill; we're being spun by the media."

Earlier in the week, Levin discussed perversions of the process currently employed by House Democrats in relation to a White House letter explaining why the administration won't cooperate with the current investigation.

"It's not an official House impeachment inquiry," Levin explained. "It's a Democrat Party hijacking of impeachment and the House of Representatives railroading a president who is not even able to defend himself, to look at the evidence, to question the witnesses."

"And the media are perfectly fine with this, folks, perfectly fine with this," Levin remarked. "It's a process argument, they argue. Process argument? We have mass murderers and terrorists who get more process than this."


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