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Levin: The media must stop speculating. This bomb threat is 'deadly serious'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin said the person or people who sent suspicious packages possibly containing explosives to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, Eric Holder, and George Soros "need to be found as quickly as possible."

"It's a deadly serious matter — I underline the word 'deadly,'" Levin said. He criticized those speculating about the nature of the individual(s) who sent these packages without a factual basis to do so.


"Now, we have no idea who's behind this. We have no idea of the quote-unquote political affiliation of the people behind it," Levin said. "We know all of those targeted are Democrats and CNN. That we know. But why comment beyond that? Because we don't know anything else. And yet, that's what's taking place now."

He added it was "grotesque" for the media to lecture Americans on heated and hateful rhetoric.

"Do the media in this country understand that they are leading the charge on the heated and hateful rhetoric?" Levin asked. He showed why the media is in no place to lecture anyone on rhetoric given the appalling rhetoric they use daily.

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