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Levin: Why Trump's tariffs against 'Red China' are 'absolutely necessary'

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why it's good that the Trump administration is taking such a hard-line stance against China in recent trade talks.

"Say what you will about tariffs against Canada or Mexico or whatever; let's talk about Red China," Levin said, pointing to the threats China poses to America's economic and national interests.

Trade talks with Beijing hit a rough patch when Chinese officials tried to renege on a draft trade deal that took months to put together. President Donald Trump responded by announcing further tariffs against China that went into effect over the weekend.

Levin went on to add that tariffs against "Red China" are "absolutely necessary": "They're the enemy, and it's about time we view it that way."

Levin began with a rundown of recent stories about the Chinese government's human rights violations against the Uyghur Muslim minority. In addition to employing a massive surveillance state operation against the long-persecuted minority, forcing many into exile, the government has also detained two million in internment camps, which Levin said were "concentration camps."

"This is China," Levin said solemnly. "This a country where so many of our businesses want to do business."

"I want to say this," Levin said, pointing to Pentagon and other intelligence reports that China aspires to dominate the rest of the world as the top superpower by 2049. "It's gonna happen, if a Democrat takes the White House."


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