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Locals clean up Hamburg after leftist riots leave city in ruins

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Hamburg residents have been forced to clean up their home following a weekend of left-wing extremist riots that resulted in injuries to hundreds of law enforcement officers and the citywide destruction of property.

This weekend, leftist mobs rioted in the streets of Hamburg, Germany, to protest the G20 summit. CNN, which downplayed the riots along with several other leftist outlets, described the as rioters “an eclectic and international mix of demonstrators” who “peacefully flooded the streets of Hamburg.”

The reality was that the riots never had a chance of even starting as peaceful. The protests started Thursday as a “Welcome to Hell” rally and continued to escalate through the weekend into complete chaos.

Local papers cast a far different light on the riots than CNN and much of the establishment media did. Some 500 police officers were reportedly injured in the mayhem, which resulted in 186 people being detained. Hundreds of masked men violently attacked police, destroyed dozens of vehicles and threw firebombs into buildings, dealing countless millions of dollars in damage to the city.

Both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier have condemned the extreme violence. Merkel condemned the “unrestrained brutality meted out over and over again to the police.” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere was so appalled by the leftists’ behavior that he compared the “criminal anarchists” to Nazis and ISIS.

Leaving the city in ruins, leftist organizers refused to take responsibility for their reprehensible actions. A spokeswoman for the group "Solidarity without borders instead of G-20" said that her group will not “accept the blame as confederations that organized civil disobedience and demonstrations.” She later claimed that the massive amount of destruction is “not something we wanted.”

The far-left mob — which claimed to be fighting for the sanctity of the environment — completely trashed the city of Hamburg. After the conference ended, some 10,000 Hamburg residents mobilized to try to clean up the devastation left behind by the weekend’s events.

For individuals who claim to care about the environment, pollution, and the climate, leftist extremists seemingly have no issue trashing protest cities and never cleaning up after themselves. This phenomenon has also become a common occurrence in the United States. From the Trump inauguration riots and the violence in Ferguson to the OccupyWall Street mayhem, leftist extremists show little regard for the environment that they claim is so important to their cause.

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