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Mark Levin: It’s time to make ‘mob boss’ McConnell ‘heel!’

Conservative Review

Tuesday night on the radio, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin endorsed both Judge Roy Moore in Alabama and Kelli Ward in Arizona for U.S. Senate.

Moore and Ward are each running in primaries against incumbent Republican senators backed for re-election by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. In the second hour of his program, Levin harangued McConnell’s failed leadership and dirty campaign tactics, vowing to rally the nation to unseat McConnell in 2020.

“McConnell has been threatening the conservative agenda and Trump’s agenda from day one,” Levin said. “He has nothing but contempt for the American people … nothing but contempt for you.”


Expounding on how McConnell has lied about the government defaulting if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, on how McConnell is cozy with special interests, and on how McConnell uses his allied PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, to electioneer and smear conservative challengers to his favored, liberal incumbent Republicans, Levin urged conservatives to support challengers to McConnell’s incumbents.

“Mitch McConnell may think he’s a mob boss, but we don’t have mob bosses in the United States Senate, in the greatest Republic on the face of the earth,” Levin roared. “It’s time that we make this mob boss heel! It’s time that we bring him to his knee, like Kaepernick!”

McConnell currently has an 18 percent approval rating in Kentucky. President Trump has a 60 percent approval rating there, Levin noted. It’s clear the people of Kentucky are with the president and not with McConnell.

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