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Mass. Dems step on their own gender PC rake and get slammed right in the face

Conservative Review

conservative state lawmaker in Massachusetts demonstrated exceptionally well how conservatives need to fight in state legislatures last week, single-handedly defeating a bill that would allow people to list their genders as "X" on driver's licenses or other forms of state ID.

Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka, D-Ashland, introduced S.2562, which would allow an individual to check "X" instead of male or female at the Registry of Motor Vehicles when the person is applying for a driver's license, permit, or other form of identification. Praising the bill as a "joyous occasion" for kids' lives, Spilka said if it would help people feel more comfortable in their gender confusion, "Why not do it?"

"There's no reason for somebody to have to check off a box of male or female on their license," she said, according to MassLive.

Social conservatives objected, and Rep. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, decided to throw the Democrats' gender political correctness right back in their faces, claiming the proposed bill was discriminatory. Only listing three genders — male, female, and "X" — left out those who identify as "gender fluid," or "gender questioning," or "trigender," "trans male," "trans woman," "androgynous," "pangender," or any one of Facebook's 73 gender options, and Lyons was ready to do something about it.

The conservative lawmaker prepared 73 amendments to the bill to include each and every gender listed by Facebook. None of his proposed amendments could be ruled out of order, and under House rules, each required 10 minutes of debate with three minutes for a roll call vote. That's over 15 hours of legislative time. If Democrats really wanted to include this piece of PC gender theory propaganda in law, they would have to go on record opposing each gender amendment vote and delay important votes on real issues.

The Massachusetts legislature's website shows that Lyons was able to introduce 29 of his amendments before the Democrats surrendered and pulled the bill.

The Boston Herald's Howie Carr reports that leaving the House building, a reporter asked Lyons why he tanked the gender "X" bill.

“Are you saying you want to leave some genders behind?” Lyons replied.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you turn a premise against the Left and whack them over the heads with it to defeat their dumb proposed laws.


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