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Mike Rowe is blown away by MSM's Susan Rice spin

Mike Rowe is blown away by MSM's Susan Rice spin

Television host  Mike Rowe — who has made a name for himself defending hard work and quality jobs — thinks that the media reporting on Susan Rice is losing its resonance with the American people ... fast!

In a Facebook post discussing the media coverage of Susan Rice and the questions surrounding the names of Trump associates that she may have unmasked, Rowe highlights the pure ridiculousness of the spin coming from all sides.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Rowe writes. “All the anchors have that same bulging vein in their forehead. The same piece of spittle forming in the corners of their mouth. Everyone seems determined to make absolutely sure I completely understand that NOBODY has a shred of evidence to substantiate ANYTHING.”

“Which begs the question - what if they all succeed?”

Rowe also notes the imprecise answers Susan Rice gave in an interview with MSNBC earlier this week.

So I flick back over to CNN, where Don Lemmon is promising not to insult my intelligence by reporting on Susan Rice, until there's something resembling proof. But over on NBC, Susan Rice just told me she “didn’t leak nothing to nobody.” Isn’t that like saying there’s nobody she didn’t leak nothing to?

Look - I have no wish to insult Don’s intelligence, or Susan's, or the people at Harvard, who no doubt cautioned her about the perils of double-negatives. But if The Ambassador did not in fact, "leak nothing to nobody," wouldn't that suggest she leaked "something to everyone?"

Maybe Rice did leak those names; maybe she didn’t. What is clear, however, is those leaks came from somewhere, and most of the mainstream media seem uninterested in pursuing the story.

The liberal media is running cover for the Obama administration's police state tactics // Chris Pandolfo Sponsored by: birchgold.com/crtv

Posted by Conservative Review on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It’s a shame to see the media in such a sorry state, but that’s the consequence of blind hyper-partisanship. Liberals on CNN would rather wage their crusade against President Trump than report on potential abuses by the Obama administration. Fox News, meanwhile, are on the defensive for the Trump administration, and both sides are talking past each other as the audience’s eyes glaze over.

The truth is somewhere at the bottom of this partisan bickering. Will the American people ever have it?

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