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Mitch McConnell is the poster boy for congressional term limits

Conservative Review

Mitch McConnell is now the longest-serving Republican leader in the nation’s history, which just adds insult to the nation’s injuries.

Since Mitch McConnell has been in Republican leadership, the national debt has more than doubled from 9 trillion to over 20 trillion dollars. Just in case anyone has forgotten, one trillion is one million millions. The results of his “leadership” are incalculable in the sense that nobody really knows how in the world we can ever recover from such astronomical debt. Yet Mitch is being heralded by some in the Republican establishment as genius guru, while the people of this nation are stuck with the fruits of his career.

He’s been there forever, he’s worsened our lot, he won’t leave voluntarily, and he’s built a machine that destroys anyone who appears to be getting near him.

Presiding over a Senate that is very far removed from the people since the Progressive Era brought us the 17th Amendment, McConnell reached what he considers to be the pinnacle of his career as majority leader when the people of America pushed the Senate into Republican hands. But if you hear him and his lackeys tell the story, it was all part of his super-genius master plan.

While those familiar with elections understand that incumbency is usually a strong indicator of success, Mitch has made a business out of staying in power. A senator from Kentucky shouldn’t matter at all for anyone living outside Kentucky, yet every person in these United States has to contend with that one senator, and he loves it. His memoir has repeatedly reminded us that his tenure has been calculated and his motives focus on one thing, and one thing only: staying in the Senate.

McConnell's memoir is entitled “The Long Game.” I always thought that title was extremely appropriate, considering the source. Yes, it’s a game for the man from Kentucky, a game of whoever lasts longest wins, and what does he win? The admiration of people just like him, crooks in a town so far out of touch with the American people that we really — I mean really — can’t stand it. No, I do not believe the path to becoming great is a question of how long you stay in the field, but what you bring to the cause. Being a great senator means being a responsible human being, and you don’t magically become one the longer you serve, as exemplified by Mitch.

McConnell is especially despised by grassroots conservatives, regular people who know that conservatism applied to legislation would be the best way to pay down our debt, to limit spending, to limit government, and to get government out of our daily lives. Doing these things would make Americans more free. But McConnell doesn’t do that, and his lackeys who describe him as a conservative know he doesn’t do that.

Just a few days ago, he spoke for the entire Senate in saying every senator wants to keep the “pre-existing conditions” part of Obamacare. Really? It’s well known that McConnell is a stickler for rules, so what is the new rule under his leadership? For every Marxist policy, the addition of eight years makes it Republican? Wow, what a leader!

The American people have to stop people like Mitch McConnell from continuing our downward spiral. We need to get behind the Convention of States resolutions working their way across the nation to term-limit the crooks who won’t term-limit themselves. The only way the people can stop gratuitous crooks from deepening the nation’s crises is through the states.

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