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No border, no wall, no United States at all? Here's what students had to say in Steven Crowder's latest 'Change my Mind'

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BlazeTV host Steven Crowder has released his second "Build the Wall: Change My Mind" video, showing conversations with students at the University of Texas at Dallas as they talk through their opposition to a border wall.

These kids get points for honesty. One student told Crowder the United States shouldn't secure the border because the country shouldn't exist at all.

Another doesn't support spending $5.7 billion as a down payment for the wall and incidentally may have learned she's a "fiscal conservative."

A third student asked Crowder about deporting illegal immigrants, wondering why we would do that if it wasn't their "fault" they broke immigration laws. Some opponents of border security might not think illegal immigrants are doing anything wrong in the first place.

Check out the full video:

And don't miss the first video, where Crowder spoke with protesters who came to oppose him!

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