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NYC Police union chief: Bill de Blasio would be ‘unmitigated disaster’ as POTUS

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Think New York City Mayor “Red Bill” De Blasio would at least have the support of New York’s finest? Think again.

De Blasio announced Thursday that he is joining the already crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders. The leftist mayor is running on the campaign slogan “Working people first.”

But the New York City Police Benevolent Association (NYCPBA), which represents about two-thirds of the 36,000 officers in the city, was ready to set the record straight on de Blasio’s supposed advocacy for blue-collar Americans.

“While the mayor of our nation’s largest city is busy running around Iowa and getting upstaged by the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, there are real problems here at home,” NYCPBA leader Patrick Lynch said in a statement shortly after de Blasio’s announcement.

“As commander-in-chief, he would be an unmitigated disaster,” the statement added.

New York City police officers have regularly spoken out about the New York City mayor, who ran an anti-police mayoral campaign. During his tenure as mayor, de Blasio been openly hostile to law enforcement. During NYPD funerals, police officers have regularly turned their backs on the mayor to express their disdain for his leadership.

The de Blasio campaign is already off to a bumpy start. During his first live interview, the NYC mayor was swarmed by protesters chanting “Liar,” “Can’t run the city!” and “Can’t run the country!” the New York Post reports.

President Trump also weighed in via Twitter on the latest entry into the Democratic presidential race:

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