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Old socialists should exit the stage — and take the ignorant young socialists with them

Conservative Review

Old socialist John Dingell has a plan, after serving almost 60 years in Congress and handing his seat to his second wife. He claims that the people no longer trust the government and the Constitution has become a problem.

The Atlantic recently published some excerpts from Dingell’s book, “The Dean: The Best Seat in the House.”

In December 1958, almost exactly three years after I entered the House of Representatives, the first American National Election Study, initiated by the University of Michigan, found that 73 percent of Americans trusted the federal government “to do the right thing almost always or most of the time.” As of December 2017, the same study, now conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, found that this number had plummeted to just 18 percent.

Isn’t it funny how socialists never seem to think that they might be the problem? In fact, I defy you to find a socialist who will accept any fault for how his governance turns out. It’s a huge personality and ideological flaw for all communist wannabes.

Simply stated, for each of the 59 years Dingell served in Congress, confidence in the institution fell almost one percent, for a total of 55 percent according to Dingell’s own research. Seems quite instructive right there, yet Dingell doesn’t see it.

Nope, instead Dingell says that the Constitution has to be rethought. It was the same constitution in the 1950s as it is today, yet according to the socialists operating in the highest reaches of our government, it must be the reason so few people have confidence in government.

But John Dingell voted year after year for every leftist cause from the 1950s through 2014, and he claims we have to change the Constitution or we’ll never be able to keep our republic. So he suggests we abolish the Senate, get rid of the Electoral College, and only use public funds for elections. If we do all that, he believes minority factions will no longer stand in the way of legislation, and the America he wishes to see will finally prevail.

It’s a blueprint for mob rule, and it makes leftists salivate. Remember, Dingell famously said that the Obamacare mandate was necessary to “control the people.”

Abolish the Senate, Dingell holds, is a great “slogan” and a great and noble cause. After all, why should ill-populated Wyoming have two senators and over-populated California have two? Dingell says that the arrangement causes minorities to circumvent the will of the majority.

The socialist Democrats spend all their time gathering minorities for their majority, claiming all the while that the “people united will never be defeated,” only to cut minority representation and usher in iron-fisted government.

But what Dingell is truly suggesting is the loss of states’ rights. In this, he not only attacks Article I of the Constitution, but also the Bill of Rights. Dingell and his band of socialists hate that it was the states that created the federal government and it’s the states that check its power.

Rather than abolish the Senate, we should repeal the 17th Amendment, which changed the Constitution to prescribe electing senators by popular vote instead of by state legislatures. The closest representatives of the people housed in each state legislature are more apt to reflect the will of the electorate than senators who come home once every six years seeking support.

Dingell also wants to be rid of the Electoral College, like every socialist, to silence the voices of the minority.

In order for socialism to take hold, no matter what anybody says, whether Dingell or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the minority must be silenced. Never forget that. It plays out on social media, where leftists own the platforms: They silence the minority. It will play out in our nation unless government is taken back by the people who are uniquely qualified to govern themselves.

The only way this nation has a future is with open-minded defenders of the Constitution and the Founding of this nation. The future of an America to be proud of rejects socialism and communism and the power of the federal government. The future of America guided by divine Providence champions God-given freedoms and rejects the iron-fisted government that the socialists need to thrive.

Sixty years of striving toward a socialist nation and failing to clinch it have inspired John Dingell to simultaneously give lip service to our Founding while attacking its very core. He may exit the stage and take his ignorant young re-warmed leftovers like Ocasio-Cortez with him.

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