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Polls show people aren't buying the Democrats' hysterical narratives

Conservative Review

According to The Hill, Maxine Waters has admitted the failure of the Democrat Party and all its tendrils to frame the president and capitalize on that in the upcoming general elections. Waters said, “The Republicans are not standing up and parting from this man, and the Democrats feel that if somehow we continue to talk about him or focus on him that that’s going to go against us rather than help us.”

Oh, honey, it’s already going against you.

One of the trackers of the pulse of regular Americans is the poll question that asks if the country is headed in the right direction or if it’s on the wrong track. According to Rasmussen, the numbers now sit at 42 percent headed in the right direction and 53 percent headed down the wrong track. Now, this doesn’t sound very promising until you realize how united that sentiment was during the Obama years: United in the opinion that we were on the wrong track.

At the end of July of 2011, the numbers were 14 percent headed in the right direction and 80 percent headed down the wrong track. Since President Trump has been in office, the numbers for right direction have steadily gone up, and the numbers for wrong track have steadily gone down.

After all the election rigging, the intentionally false narratives in the lapdog press, the leaking, all the combined efforts of the Democrats and RINO NeverTrumpers, and the coordinated effort to bring down President Trump, while the losing candidate travels the globe denouncing the president and all he stands for, the people are not fooled.

The Democrat Party has thrown everything it has at the administration because it cannot win fair and square. Leftists know they can only win if they cheat, and that’s not working right now. Still, for all of their hype about former President Obama, it’s clear the Democrats’ message of American greed, cradle-to-grave government aid, the diminishing of the entrepreneur, the hobbling of industry, and the failure of the Democrats to provide hope after completely changing the relationship between people and the government are backfiring, along with their quest to blame Trump for what they have done.

The American people clearly are not buying what the Democrats are selling.

That is not to say that they are buying everything the Republicans are selling, but it certainly means that the approach of former President Barack Obama and his track of socialism/communism is not resonating with the people. Americans by and large are proud of their history, are more capitalist than communist, are for industry instead of against it, are patriotic and optimistic, and are more wary and skeptical of too-good-to-be-true promises from a bloated government than Democrats are trying to push for.

Add to this the fact that the Democrat Party is split between the actual communist tripe coming from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and the corrupt establishmentarians like Hillary and Pelosi.

Waters is dumb enough to tell us that the Democrats are pumping the brakes on the collusion fraud because it’s going to hurt them this November. Could it be that since the evidence is pointing back at them and the former President Obama and the loser crooked candidate Hillary, they know it has already seriously damaged them?

What if the fact that the media is clearly in the Democrats’ pocket is now widely known outside conservative circles? What if the disinformation campaign by the media has finally bitten them in the ass? What if the Trump administration ends up proving it was Obama and Hillary who concocted the scheme to try to take down a duly elected head of state? What if the conservatives are pushing through with their message? What if the polls focusing on the right direction/wrong track jump the gap?

I can see it now: The fear coming from the Left will keep rising, like the squealing of so many pigs.

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