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Rex Rodham Kerry? Tillerson spearheads Obama’s Iran nuke deal

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the driving force behind the coming decision to recertify Iran’s compliance with former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal.

The Weekly Standard reports that the White House will act on Iran’s compliance before Monday. The report describes Secretary Tillerson as a “leading advocate for recertifying the deal” with the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.

“Tillerson believes that because the deal was front loaded with benefits for Iran, leaving it now would reduce the ability of the international community to seek compliance at a time when Iran is already reaping rewards for simply signing the deal,” the report adds.

Recertifying the deal comes at a time when Iran continues to show open hostility to the United States. Last month, an Iranian drone attempted to fire munitions at U.S. and coalition forces stationed in southern Syria. Moreover, Iran continues to test-fire advanced ballistic missiles, in violation of international sanctions.

GOP leadership, meanwhile, continues to urge the administration to withdraw from the Iran deal. Declaring Iran to be in violation of the agreement would allow for the imposition of additional sanctions against Tehran. Several Republican senators sent a letter to Secretary Tillerson Tuesday highlighting Iran’s non-compliance with the nuclear deal.

While campaigning for the nation’s highest office, now-President Trump famously declared that his “number one priority” was to “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.” Now, due to Tillerson’s insistence that the U.S. remain in the deal, the president will have reneged on his primary campaign promise for the second 90-day certification period concerning the Iran deal.

Trump’s secretary of state continues to adopt a friendly posture to not only the Tehran regime, but other U.S. adversaries.

In June, Tillerson claimed he had struck a deal with the Palestinian Authority, stating that the Abbas-led faction would stop paying government salaries to terrorists. Ramallah rejected such a claim, declaring that they would never stop paying terrorists.

This week, Tillerson signed a secret agreement with the terror-friendly government of Qatar, claiming that Doha would begin a process that involved cutting off terrorist finance. But immediately after, Qatar vowed to support the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza.

American allies, such as Egypt, the UAE, and several other Gulf states accuse Doha of supporting many other terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State and al-Qaida. Qatar openly supports the global Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist institution responsible for much of the regional carnage during the 2012 “Arab Spring” revolts.

Tillerson has spent the entire week engaged in Middle East “shuttle diplomacy” between Arab allies and Qatar. His work has drawn parallels to the disruptive efforts of Obama Secretary of State John Kerry, who persistently pursued a “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinian entities, but failed to achieve recognizable success.

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