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Stelter, Acosta, & Cillizza, oh my: CNN goes all in for vile White House Correspondents’ comic performance

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Stelter stands firm …

The vile routine …  This weekend, “Daily Show” comedienne Michelle Wolf strode onto the stage at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner and unleased a stream of mean-spirited invective at Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Wolfe compared Sanders to a frumpy character from the fictional “The Handmaid’s Tale” who is in charge of propagandizing the female slaves to accept their lot in life. She then further made fun of her looks and makeup choices.

Look, insult comedy can be funny. The late Don Rickles made a career out of it. But he was an equal-opportunity offender and ended every show by saying he was doing it “out of love” and respect. This was targeted, mean, and exposed the Left (again) for who they really are. For example, these folks believe “The Handmaid’s Tale” is basically a documentary of life under Donald Trump. Hyperbole? Well, here’s a person on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show saying that Pence “would have us [gays] all in concentration camps.”

The White House Correspondents’ Association has released a statement on the “uncomfortable” performance.

Stelter’s full-throated defense … CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter was in full defense mode all weekend. As others in the media either truly felt uneasiness with the “comedy” performance or feigned unease, Stelter made sure we all know he was standing firmly behind Wolf and her attacks.

In his daily “Reliable Sources” email, Stelter says “there are much more important things going on” than the WHCD comedienne fallout. After saying the act was “funnier” than most people think, he shared his real criticism: The “stand-up act helps [Trump’s] allies say ‘he's right.’” Get that? You are just wrong that the routine wasn’t funny.

Stelter also shared an article from Vulture that tries to claim, “No, Michelle Wolf didn’t mock Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks.” Let’s unpack that one. If it wasn’t an attack on her looks, that means that the comedienne and seemingly Stelter truly believe that Sanders is just helping Trump enslave women. That’s absurd — and a real window into how these folks think.

The real weekend crime … Before the event even took place, Stelter was billing it as a “celebration of the First Amendment.” On Saturday afternoon Stelter explained to us all “why Trump’s snubbing of White House correspondents’ dinner matters.” Stelter’s thesis is that Trump didn’t attend because he wants to attack the media.

The reason Trump didn’t attend is exactly what we saw on Saturday night. For decades GOPers have let the leftist media walk all over them and didn’t fight back, and the media hid behind the First Amendment. Trump fights back, and like all bullies, people in the media like Stelter feel threatened by that.

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