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The Mexican drug cartels are our very own ISIS

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On Friday, the White House revealed that 20 percent of supposed parents who came with children under five were deemed unfit to be reunited with those children and that many are suspected of being tied to transnational criminal organizations involving drugs and human smuggling. Will it ever be cool for the media to finally focus on the enemy at our own border now operating within our country?

It is only in vogue for cultural institutions to care about the border when they are promoting the policies that lead to violence, both for Americans and for the migrants. Yet when it comes to focusing on the deadly results of these open-borders magnets and catch-and-release policies, nobody is there to pick up the pieces. Now a drug cartel is beheading children on our own soil. Will there be any virtue-signaling in Congress to “do something for the children?”

Drug cartel beheadings on our soil

Late last week, AL.com reported that a 13-year-old girl whose grandmother was mixed up in the Sinaloa cartel delivering methamphetamine was beheaded by cartel members after she witnessed their murder of her grandmother. This occurred in Madison County, Alabama, far away from the Mexican border.

A 13-year-old Huntsville girl was beheaded after she witnessed her grandmother assaulted with a knife and left to die on the ground in a cemetery, court testimony revealed.

The grandmother was associated with the Sinaloa Cartel, a drug-trafficking organization, a Madison County sheriff's investigator testified today.

Just days before Oralia Mendoza and her granddaughter, Mariah Lopez, were killed, Mendoza and three others went to pick up a batch of methamphetamine, Investigator Stacy Rutherford told a judge. After one of her drug cohorts became suspicious, the situation turned deadly.

This case should shed light on the problem we have with the ISIS of the Western hemisphere: the Mexican drug cartels, who flood our country with the most violent people, poison our people with their drugs, and create secondary violence through the trafficking of drugs. Meanwhile, the political class wants to go soft on drug traffickers and soft on the border and sanctuaries that harbor them, while clamping down on doctors and legitimate pain patients. This is crazy.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a detainer request against the prime suspect, Yoni Aguilar, 26, of prime “dreamer” age. Aguilar appeared before a Madison County district judge on Thursday.

Sanctuary cities are responsible for the drug crisis

Sadly, these detainers are too late. Thanks to the flood of violent gang members and drug cartels at the border, which the media ignore amidst the pictures of three-year-olds, there’s a huge number of ISIS-level “animals” in this country. Then, thanks to sanctuary cities, they are harbored until it’s too late. When sanctuary cities refuse to turn over illegal aliens to federal authorities, they have usually been processed in local jails for drug charges or other crimes that the “criminal justice reform” crowd considers “low-level.” They are often released before ICE can apprehend them. Yet these people are peddling deadly drugs killing up to 70,000 people per year. Also, as we see all too often, drug trafficking is inherently violent and often leads to murder if the perpetrators are not deported immediately after being apprehended for “the lower-level crimes.”

While there is no evidence that the alleged perpetrators of this murder had been harbored by sanctuary cities, we are seeing this problem with drug cartels being harbored by sanctuary hubs across the country. Last week, ICE’s Boston field office released a report showing how during just one week this spring, 456 criminal aliens were arrested by Massachusetts authorities, yet ICE was only able to apprehend fewer than half of suspects, thanks to sanctuary policies. Here’s the kicker, according to ICE:

In addition to these highlighted cases, a high number of removable aliens charged with the distribution of heroin and fentanyl are released from state custody without notification to ICE. Countless removable aliens have been arrested for contributing to the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts, mostly by trafficking and distributing Class A drugs. These aliens are routinely released on bail from local jails after normal business hours when ICE officers are unable to respond in a timely fashion or are not notified about the release. Lack of cooperation by state agencies has significantly contributed to the continued distribution of dangerous drugs.

This is why sanctuary cities like Lawrence have become havens for drug traffickers who not only poison Massachusetts but New Hampshire and other parts of New England, as Attorney General Sessions pointed out in a speech last week.

Earlier this year, when President Trump mentioned the fact that sanctuary cities such as Lawrence, Massachusetts, are responsible for bringing in deadly drugs from Mexican cartels and poisoning New Hampshire, liberals derided it by suggesting that New England has few Mexicans living there. Yet the Boston Globe, in 2017, before this issue became politicized, admitted that “Mexican cartels are delivering vast quantities of the inexpensive and powerful synthetic drug fentanyl to New England” through “a pipeline that often begins in China, winds through Mexico, and flows into distribution cities such as Lawrence and Springfield.” Much as in West Virginia, the secondary trafficking brings the drugs to more remote areas after the Mexican cartels bring them to the major hubs.

To this day, it remains a mystery as to why the comatose Congress, which spends a great deal of time on the opioid crisis, refuses to even recognize the dominant role sanctuary cities play in harboring criminal alien drug traffickers. If every locality would immediately report criminal alien drug traffickers to ICE, we would bust up most primary drug trafficking networks in short order.

Now consider what would happen if we abolished ICE. There would be no way for even law-abiding local jurisdictions to rid themselves of violent criminal aliens. Just last week, ICE arrested another 18 human smugglers, one who had ties to a major drug cartel.

In a sane world, Congress would prioritize this issue over any other. Whenever ISIS publishes a video of its people engaged in civil wars in a land far off, it sends chills down our spines, but the most brutal cartels operating in our communities in at least 48 states apparently do nothing to spur action.

Courts and cartels hurt the illegal aliens, too  

If we are not going to secure our border and end sanctuary cities for Americans, can we at least do it for the illegal aliens themselves? Remember, we are not helping illegals who come here by bringing them in through a process that enables the drug cartels either. Just look at this 13-year-old girl who was beheaded. As one illegal alien in Long Island, which is now overrun by MS-13, said, referring to her son killed by the notorious gang, "I brought him from Honduras here thinking everything would be better, here, like we would be safe, but I guess it wasn't."

Forum-shopped sanctuary federal judges issue radical orders fueling this problem that many other judges and most certainly the Supreme Court would never issue, but it will take forever to get them overturned. A radical, arbitrarily forum-shopped judge from San Diego, Dana Sabraw, ruled that HHS must reunite 102 children under five with their illegal alien parents by last week. Yet out of the 102 alien children, 21 of the supposed parents had either a serious criminal background, were not a child’s parent, or presented some other danger to the child. For Americans under similar circumstances, authorities would never place the children with those adults. Yet now, thanks to an activist judge, they are being reunited based on simple interviews without any DNA test or the proper presentation of documents.

Thus, not only are the ACLU and lawless judges endangering Americans by continuing catch-and-release and completing the criminal conspiracy of drug cartels, gangs, and human smugglers, they are harming the very illegal children for whom they profess compassion. Oh, and that same judge is saying that taxpayers must foot the bill for the process.

Headed into the election, sanctuary cities, the border surge, and sanctuary judges stand at the nexus of everything that is wrong with our national security priorities and our gang and drug problems. Trump can single-handedly define the election on this favorable territory if he makes the September budget fight all about “our own ISIS” and does so under the ironclad threat of a veto. We can’t afford another punt until “the next time.” The security of our country depends on it. And for those liberals who only care about illegals “doing the jobs Americans won’t do” – immigrants’ security is even more immediately harmed by open-borders policies and the vicious animals these policies import.

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