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This happened: Humorless Dem attacks Trump nominee's BACON joke

Conservative Review

President Trump’s federal judge nominee to the Fifth Circuit came under fire from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing Wednesday over a couple of jokes made on Twitter.

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, who runs a popular Twitter account known for his upbeat and humorous tweets, was criticized by Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., over a 2015 tweet sent by Willett joking that he could support a constitutional right to marry bacon.

"Senator, as for the bacon tweet, that was the day after the Obergefell decision was issued and it was my attempt to inject a bit of levity," Willett explained. "The country was filled with rancor and polarization. It was a divisive time in the nation."

"And you think that cut back the divisiveness with a comment like that?" Leahy responded.

"Senator, I believe every American is entitled to equal worth and dignity," Willett said. "I've never intended to disparage anyone and would never do so. That's not where my heart is."

Guess Leahy can't take a joke. 

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