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Top 10 current scams in American politics

Conservative Review

10. The GOP establishment claims to be "all about beating Democrats," yet Mitch McConnell and his minions wasted a whopping $30 million trying to beat Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate primary.

9. Anything that has John Kasich's name attached to it.

8. The same people claiming NFL players have a "First Amendment right" to protest during the national anthem fail then to acknowledge that those who disagree also have a "First Amendment right" to protest the protest.

7. Claims the NFL protests during the national anthem aren't about the national anthem. Then why the hell are they doing it during the national anthem? There are plenty of media outlets that would give these players all the "woke" time they wanted, apart from the national anthem. If I chose the family Christmas gathering to get my SJW on and tried to claim I wasn't protesting Christmas, my family would want to know why on this of all days am I protesting when there are 364 others?

6. Hillary Clinton claiming she's willing to take responsibility for her 2016 defeat, while not taking any responsibility for her 2016 defeat.

5. Trump's previous claim that he could "shoot someone on Fifth Avenue" and his base would still support him. See Tuesday's Alabama Senate primary for more information.

4. Those on the Left trashing women who didn't vote for Hillary last year, while at the same time claiming "gender is just a social construct." So which is it? Does gender matter or not? Are women independent or not? Why were there three Thompson Twins? I'm so confused.

3. Those on the Right who criticize Judge Roy Moore for "going too far" in opposing judicial tyranny yet seemingly offer no alternative action plan. Except for "it really sucks, but whatever a leftist judge conjures up from his pagan bowels is now the law. However, we're gonna write one chill white paper about it, bro."

2. The Republican Party's eight-year promise to repeal Obamacare.

1. Anything that starts with the phrase "scientific consensus." Science is a process searching for proof via verified evidence acquired through observation and experimentation. It is not a consensus. Not to mention, scientific "consensus" has previously claimed Pluto was a planet, Pluto wasn't a planet, and then Pluto was a planet again. Just in my lifetime, scientific "consensus" has changed its mind on global cooling, fiber, red meat, low-fat diets, high fat diets, artificial sweeteners, dark matter, whether dinosaurs are more closely related to reptiles or birds, the human genome, string theory, whether the universe had a beginning or is a constant, and I could go on, but by now you get my point that "scientific consensus" is pointless progressive propaganda.

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