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Trump must add Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to ‘travel ban’ list

Conservative Review

How many more lives need to be lost to Islamic terror before it becomes fashionable to shut off mass migration and visas from the Middle East?

A parallel question is often asked by the Left about gun control after a mass shooting incident, but there is one important distinction: American citizens’ self-defense is an inalienable right; all immigration, including mass migration, student visas, and foreign military training visas, is not.

On Friday, just hours before the commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, a naval base in Pensacola was attacked by a Saudi Arabian national. At least 10 other Saudis are also training there. Unlike at Pearl Harbor, however, this attack was committed by an enemy within that we electively brought into the country, and then onto our military bases. Why?

Imagine if the American people were given a voice as to whether we will electively bring in an estimated 850 Saudi pilots to train on our military bases. What if we had been given a choice after 9/11 of whether to double our intake of immigration from the Middle East? What if we had been told that after 15 Saudi nationals flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, we’d bring roughly 40,000 students from Saudi Arabia into our universities every year? Would the public have supported such a suicidal plan? Fat chance.

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