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The U.S. Senate votes for open borders

Conservative Review

The United States Senate passed a resolution in support of open borders Thursday.

It was disguised, of course, as a deep-seated concern for constitutional integrity in the face of President Trump’s emergency declaration to secure the southern border.

Haha. Constitutional integrity. That’s a good one. But on the scale of “don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining,” this goes all the way up to 11.

The 12 Republicans who joined the Democrat minority in the Senate to disapprove of “dangerous precedents” being set haven’t batted much of an eye (cheap rhetoric doesn’t count) when baby-killing budgets have been passed, federal deficits have been exploded beyond rationality, gender has been redefined, religious freedom has been threatened, socialist medicine has been codified, and courts have become the “more equal than all the others” branch of government.

They have watched and watched and watched and watched as the fundamental duties of Congress have been traded away for a bowl of porridge. When Jacob betrayed Esau, he got a birthright. But the Republicans in Congress can never help but get their Esau on. A birthright would be too much work. Porridge is better.

And now with the help of the magic “Rs,” the well-documented flood of illegal immigration across the southern border is not only being ignored but actually protected with the insistence that do so is a constitutional prerogative.

I’m sorry, guys and gals. But there is simply no objective way to tell any more that you actually care about the Framers’ intent about anything. Just as Congress refuses to build a wall on the border, they have refused to build walls against authoritarian usurpation by the bureaucrats and the black-robed tyrants for decades.

Now they want to claim that Trump is actually the authoritarian who needs to be checked. But he’s a symptom of years of malfeasance, not a proximal cause of our current reality. Had Republicans cared about the Constitution and acted accordingly since Reagan left the scene, Trump wouldn’t have a border problem to solve. Heck, had Republicans cared about the Constitution and acted accordingly since Reagan, there would've never been a President Trump at all.

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