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UK police focus on the real problem: free speech

Conservative Review

As radical Islamic jihadis escalate their war against the British people, at least one police department in the United Kingdom wants to remind you who the real enemy is – you. That’s right. On Tuesday morning the Cheshire Police department put up a social media post reminding people that they could go to jail for their words. Especially if those words were deemed offensive to certain groups – read Muslims.

Here’s the post.

We would remind all social media users to think carefully about what they are saying before posting messages online....

Posted by Cheshire Police on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Cheshire Police want to remind you that you may spend up to two years in jail for what you say.  When conservatives point to the U.K. and even Canada as places where there is not true free speech, they often say we are exaggerating. Nobody would ever put you in jail for speaking your mind. Well, “they” are absolutely wrong. It happens all the time.

In 2010, the London police alone made 625 arrests for social media posts they deemed “hateful.” From 2010 to 2015, that number was 2,500. That’s right: For speaking your mind, using just words, you can be arrested, fined, and jailed in the United Kingdom.

That’s the end game for social justice warriors here in the United States. They want conservatives jailed for their thoughts and words, just like in the mother country.

Back to the Cheshire Police: Perhaps they should be focusing on the radical Muslims who have declared war on Britain, instead of the Britons who are highlighting that radical Muslims have declared war on Britain.

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