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Video: Local news in Houston runs down confirmed facts of high school shooting

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The local news in Houston is doing a fantastic job covering the facts surrounding the Sante Fe High School shooting.

As rumors and false reports circulate on the internet, the team at KHOU has put together a graphic showing the verified facts of the shooting, the unconfirmed rumors and the false reports.

Here are the confirmed facts:

  • The alleged shooter is in custody, and a second person of interest is also in custody. Both are said to be students.
  • There are six patients in the hospital.
  • At least eight have been killed.
  • An officer was injured in the shooting incident.
  • Students were evacuated this morning and taken to the Alamo Gym to be reunited with their parents.

Here are the unconfirmed rumors:

  • Report: A teacher pulled the fire alarm.
  • Report: An art class was targeted in the shooting.

Here is the false report:

  • There have been 18 school shootings in 2018. "That's a big scary number, but that is not eighteen situations like what you've been watching on TV this morning," KHOU reporter Tiffany Craig said. "That includes a variety of things, shootings around schools, even suicides. So that is a large number that has been lumped in with a number of different type scenarios, but not what you've been watching on TV."

Follow along with KHOU's live coverage here:

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